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Cleanroom – we call it our supreme discipline.

Whether in the pharmaceutical industry, in laboratories or in semiconductor and medical technology: cleaners rely on our holistic cleaning systems developed specifically for cleanrooms. For more than 20 years, we have been taking on the top class of manual cleaning - the development of solutions for cleanroom cleaning. Our special equipment for cleaning trolleys and practical tools make the PFENNIG system complete, so that we can always offer you the perfect system solution.

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Healthcare – we call it our core competence.

Hygienic cleanliness and efficiently designed cleaning processes: From clinics to small care facilities, our system solutions for manual cleaning in the healthcare sector offer maximum hygiene and safety with maximum flexibility.

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Building or facility – we call it our system competence.

Whether schools, office complexes, public buildings, large industrial areas or small shops - in no other area are there so many different requirements as in the manual cleaning of buildings. We know the challenges in maintenance cleaning very well and know how to solve them systematically.

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Our three home industries:
Cleanroom, healthcare and buildings

Whether cleanroom, hospital or open-plan office - with our system solutions we are at home in three disciplines and know exactly what is important in each case. Because we always think from the user's perspective, our industry solutions meet the daily, object-specific needs of the cleaning staff. No matter in which area you clean, you can rely on PFENNIG cleaning technology.

Wherever maximum hygiene and absolute cleanliness are required, reliable, high-quality and suitable tools are needed, especially for manual cleaning. Based on our decades of experience and our growing know-how, we have developed well thought-out, highly flexible modular construction systems that can be precisely adapted to every area of application. In this way, they fulfil exactly every object-specific requirement.

Our holistic cleaning systems always consist of modular cleaning trolleys, textiles in the form of mops and cloths as well as the matching mop holder with handle, supplemented by special equipment and practical tools for a high degree of individualisation.

We transfer our know-how and our high demands on quality in cleanroom cleaning, the supreme discipline, into system solutions for hygiene cleaning in the healthcare and building sectors. We learn from the cleanroom, so to speak, according to the top-down principle - starting from the highest requirements.

Dietmar Pfennig, CEO

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