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For almost 50 years, we have been developing and manufacturing solutions that revolutionise cleaning processes in the cleanroom, healthcare and building sectors.

Manual cleaning is in the blood of the Pfennig family. Starting back in 1974 with cleaning equipment, PFENNIG Reinigungstechnik today plays a key role in shaping the future of the industry as a highly innovative family business. How do we do it and what distinguishes us from others?

Our strengths

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Based on our expertise, which has grown over decades, we develop holistic cleaning concepts on the basis of our well thought-out modular construction system. When developing our cleaning equipment and systems, we focus on user-friendly and efficiency-increasing features.

Being very much at home in the cleaning industry, we know our customers' needs very well. Because we have thought from the user's perspective right from the start, our solutions meet the daily needs of the tradesman building cleaner. Our highly functional cleaning equipment and systems, thought out down to the smallest detail, are designed for maximum hygiene and process reliability.

Our values

Our values

As a family business with strong ties to our home country, we live by traditional values such as cohesion, trust and reliability. Since we do almost everything ourselves, we have the highest standards for ourselves.

We devote all our passion to a highly sensitive environment where maximum hygiene and safety are required. And that's exactly how we work: highly reliable, conscientious and precise.

Our partner concept

partner concept

Advice. Accompaniment. Support. These are not empty words for us. Because we do not see ourselves as a supplier, but first and foremost as a 360-degree partner for hygienically safe cleaning processes in cleanrooms, healthcare and buildings.

We live a reliable partnership approach, seeing every requirement, every problem through the lens of our customers. From the first call to the personal meeting on site to concrete support for object changes and adaptations in terms of equipment and cleaning methods.

Our experienced consultants and long-serving employees are permanent, reliable contacts for our customers. They provide solution-centred advice and always keep an eye on the big picture. Our customers benefit from our wish-fulfilment mentality.

Always a car length ahead with a passion for detail – that's what PFENNIG Reinigungstechnik stands for:

In addition to the excellent quality of our innovative, durable cleaning systems, the reliability of our actions is particularly convincing. We focus 100 percent on the wishes and requirements of our customers. In this we are unbeatable. Those who choose PFENNIG cleaning technology benefit from innovative system solutions and first-class services.

High product quality meets optimal functionality
We offer our customers the highest possible quality standard: High-quality materials give our products enormous robustness, stability and above-average durability. How do we achieve this? Everything in one hand, everything in-house: design, assembly and production on injection moulds developed in-house. The resulting high functionality of PFENNIG system solutions guarantees simple, time-saving and safe cleaning at all times.

Innovative solutions for cleaning of the future
Proven and established systems are continuously further developed by us and brought up to the latest state of the art. In this way, we continuously optimise our system solutions in terms of ergonomics, time savings and process reliability. The high degree of innovation is also expressed in a large number of active patents.

Outstanding durability that pays off
We offer reliable cleaning equipment and systems that last for decades. For our customers, this means: trouble-free, uninterrupted daily use with minimum maintenance. Individual adaptations for object changes are possible at any time. The high availability of spare parts also allows our cleaning trolleys to shine for a long period of use.

Impressive speed and exceptional flexibility
From quotation to delivery, our service is simple, always solution-oriented and certainly distinctive. We don't put anything on the back burner. On the contrary: from the first enquiry to the ordering process to delivery and far beyond, everything is unusually fast with us. You need to react immediately and ideally equip a property straight away? We can also deliver large furnishings within the shortest possible time on request.

Our management

Trust. Reliability. Responsibility. PFENNIG Reinigungstechnik – an innovative, passionate and family-run company.

We have always gone our own way. Thus, since 1974, groundbreaking innovations for professional cleaning have been developed by us. With numerous new developments in the field of manual cleaning, disinfection and hygiene of sensitive areas, we are one of the most innovative companies in the industry.

Manual cleaning systems and the Allgäu region - both are our home and our heart beats for both. Strongly rooted in the region, we are very happy to accept our social, economic and ecological responsibility. That is why we are passionately involved in many social, cultural and environmental projects.

Yours, Petra and Dietmar Pfennig

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Our company was founded in 1974 by my father Herbert Pfennig. Today it is run by me as a family business in the second generation.

Dietmar Pfennig, CEO

Awards and certificates

A clean business - demonstrably tested quality.

Our drive is our claim. That is why we have our products, materials and services as well as ourselves regularly tested and certified. Because for us at PFENNIG it is a matter of course that we offer our customers and partners demonstrably the highest quality. And it is precisely this that we can permanently ensure through certifications.

zertifikate fraunhofer

12 Fraunhofer Institute IPA Tested Device Certificates

The Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Automation IPA is the central research and testing institute for process technologies - also for medical and biotechnology. For the areas of cleanliness and purity in cleanrooms, Fraunhofer IPA has developed test methods that comply with national and international regulations.

nordic ecolabel logo

Nordic Eco Label for PPSC Micro TEC and Clino® MicroUltra

Only certified products may bear the Nordic Eco Label,

  • whose entire production and application process has the least possible impact on the environment
  • are among the best in their categories
  • protect the health of the user
  • are characterised by high quality
zertifikate dr. brill logo

Dr. Brill Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology

As one of the few independent institutes in Europe, Dr. Brill can carry out efficacy tests against viruses, bacteriophages, bacteria, moulds, mycobacteria and bacterial spores at the highest quality level. Thus, we have had our mop covers and microfibre cloths tested with regard to their hygienic safety:

  • Mopp PPSC Micro TEC
  • Mopp MicroSicuro
  • Mopp MicroSicuro Plus
  • Tuch Clino® MicroUltra
  • Tuch Clino® MicroUltra CR

To our textiles.

Zertifikate TÜV Austria

Certificate from the Austrian TÜV

Since 1994 we have been certified according to TÜV ISO 9001. This made us one of the first TÜV-certified companies in the industry. The scope of ISO 9001:2015 covers both PFENNIG Reinigungstechnik GmbH and PFENNIG Reinigungstechnik AG.

mitgliedschaften srrt+frt

Memberships and cooperations

We are very active in the industry and participate in numerous working groups. Our clients benefit from our good networking in science and business through numerous memberships and cooperations.


Patents, labels and trademarks

Since our foundation, we can boast 33 patents, several other patent applications as well as utility models and a total of 16 registered trademarks.

Our locations

Always close. Always there.
PFENNIG Reinigungstechnik –
The Home of Clean.

Founded in 1974 in Durach, PFENNIG Reinigungstechnik has grown steadily over the past decades and is now represented in Germany with the company headquarters, its own textile and trolley production and warehouse, and in Switzerland with a subsidiary.

Your contact persons on site.

PFENNIG Reinigungstechnik GmbH
Headquarters: Location.
Development, procurement, marketing, sales and logistics.
Founded in 1974.
44 employees (without textile production)

PFENNIG Textile Production
Location: Sebnitz (Germany)

PFENNIG trolley production and warehousing
Location: Weidach (Germany)

PFENNIG Reinigungstechnik AG
Established as a subsidiary in 2015.
Location: Wangen an der Aare.
Distribution & Logistics
4 employees

Customer service

We support you from the offer to the order to the object support. Simply ring through – we are there for you!