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The PFENNIG heart beats (almost) everywhere

Close to home and yet open to new things? No contradiction for us. On the contrary. Whether old familiar places or completely new ones – our employees show what fascinates them about their favourite places and have a tip or two up their sleeve. Get to know our team from a very personal side!

Nature experience in the beautiful Kochertal

Frank Kempe proudly presents


In the district of Schwäbisch Hall lies the small community of Braunsbach with just under 2,600 inhabitants, which is not only characterised by its incomparable nature, but also by the 185-metre-high Kocher Valley Bridge.

If you want to get out and experience fresh air and nature, Braunsbach offers a wide range of recreational opportunities. The beautiful valley with its many forests and the Kocher river invites you to go hiking, cycling and canoeing.

After a long day of excursions, hunger can be satisfied in our inn, for example, with a perfectly matured Dry Aged Beef. Attention meat lovers: Significant for our region is also the Schwäbisch-Hällische Landschwein, whose origin can be traced back to King Wilhelm I of Württemberg in 1820. These pigs are known as robust and stress-resistant animals. Gourmets enjoy their particularly tender, juicy and aromatic meat, which conjures up an outstanding taste on the plate thanks to the natural bacon coating.

See you soon in Braunsbach.

Yours Frank Kempe
Area Sales Manager Baden-Wuerttemberg/Bavaria-West

"Im Allgäu umanand" (on the road)

Gwendolyn Lampart proudly presents


As a Durach resident, I too have countless opportunities to explore the entire beautiful Allgäu region. For me, therefore, the main thing is to be outdoors. Whether it's a strenuous mountain hike or a leisurely stroll, mountain biking with friends or a long road bike tour, running in the forest or swimming in the lake, everything is fun everywhere in the Allgäu.

On the many great playgrounds and adventure trails that I explore together with my family, you can also be a bit of a kid yourself. You get the great panoramic view (see above) from the Stuimändle adventure trail on the Ofterschwanger Horn. For even more adventure, we like to go on excursions to dizzying climbing forests or ride fast-paced summer toboggan runs. And if the weather isn't quite so nice, the Allgäu is anyway.

Yours Gwendolyn Lampart - currently on parental leave

Where others enjoy a city break, I am at home – B a m b e r g.

Jürgen Lederer proudly presents


The city of Bamberg was first mentioned in a document in 902 A.D. and, with its 77,000 inhabitants, is the most important centre in Upper Franconia. Bamberg is known as the "Franconian Rome" and is built on its seven hills, each hill of the mountain town having its own significance. Whether it's the Michelsberg with the monastery of St. Michael, the Stephansberg with its beer cellars or, or, or: the mountain town is always a great experience.

In addition to the mountain area, Bamberg also has the island town with the only "old" town hall built in the river. From here you also have a wonderful view of the former fishing settlement of Klein-Venedig. Medieval half-timbered houses are lined up along the Regnitz River, which flows through Bamberg.

I love to travel around my Franconian homeland on foot or by motorbike. Bamberg is surrounded by four tourist areas, Franconian Switzerland, the Hassberge Nature Park, the Obermain-Jura area and the Steigerwald. All unique and different, but insanely beautiful.

An important point for my piece of home is the fact that in Bamberg we have the largest density of breweries in the world. Bamberg has a long tradition as a beer town: the first documented beer tap dates back to 1093. In 1122, the first written permission to brew beer was granted to the Benedictines on the Michelsberg. Today, the Franconian Brewery Museum is located at this site. A speciality of the brewers in Bamberg is the dark smoked beer.

I would be very pleased to welcome you to Bamberg and the surrounding area. I am at your disposal as a private tour guide.

Yours Jürgen Lederer
Head of Sales

I get to work where others go on holiday, and in the beautiful Allgäu.

Dominik Zick proudly presents


As a Durach resident, I recommend our beautiful Kempter forest. Especially in autumn it shows itself in full splendour. Here, various circular trails offer nature adventures for young and old. A real highlight is the "legendary" Dengelstein, an eight-metre-high erratic boulder from the Ice Age. As a real primitive rock, this boulder is always worth an excursion.

Whether on foot or by bike, everyone will find their way in the Kempter Wald. If you just want to take a breather, this is the place for you. The physical well-being is also catered for: various refreshment stops invite you to enjoy delicious Allgäu dishes.

If you haven't had enough after a tour through the Kempten Forest, you can enjoy the wonderful mountain view from the airfield café in Durach. Here you can not only enjoy the view of the mountains, but also book a sightseeing flight at the same time. If you are looking for an adrenaline kick, you can also jump out of the plane by means of a tandem jump. At 712 metres, the Durach airfield is the highest facility of its kind in Germany.

I'll say goodbye now and see you soon in the Allgäu.

Yours Dominik Zick
Sales Manager

In the Erdinger Holzland you can let your soul dangle.

Alfred Maier proudly presents


As a native of Munich, I moved to Erding, the "big district town" since 2013, 22 years ago. The district town is particularly well known for the construction of Munich Airport in the Erdinger Moos and the construction of the Therme Erding, the largest thermal spa in the world. Last but not least, the whole world knows Erding through the famous Erdinger wheat beer..

Due to my job in the field, I spend many kilometres in the car every week. My perfect compensation is cycling. My favourite is a tour through the Erdinger Holzland with its quiet forests and wide hills.

But Erding itself also has a lot to offer in terms of leisure activities. In the summer, the Sinnflut Festival takes place every year with countless exhibitor stands and musical performances. In addition to other festivities such as the Erdinger Herbstfest (autumn festival) and the famous Schwedenspielen (Swedish games), there is always a beautiful Christkindlmarkt (Christmas market) with an artificial ice rink in the centre of Erding at Christmas time.

To get completely down to earth, I also like to leave the region sometimes and retreat to our hut in Sudelfeld on nice weekends. I also like to get on my bike to explore the region.

Yours Alfred Maier
"at the cottage"

Since childhood, the Notzenweiher has been "my bathing lake".

Gisela Stephan proudly presents


In the 17th century, the Notzenweiher was dammed to supply the Kempten prince abbey with fish. Unlike other such lakes, it has survived to the present day.

Today the Notzenweiher is a moor lake. Most of the lake is a protected area surrounded by reeds and only the northern part is open to swimming. There are two sunbathing lawns, a kiosk, a beach volleyball court and a wooden platform that floats in the water.

If you feel like hiking, there is the Notzenweiher-Runde, a 5.5-kilometre circular trail that leads across wet meadows, through the greenery of the Kempter forest and up to the Schwedenkapelle chapel near Hochgreuth. The starting point for the hike is the "Notzenweiher" car park.

The Notzenweiher is located between Kempten and Marktoberdorf (B12 exit Wildpoldsried). If you drive in the direction of Hochgreuth, you have an incredibly beautiful view of the "little lake" and the Allgäu mountains.

For me, the Notzenweiher has been "my bathing lake" since I was a child, because it's only 7 kilometres uphill from my home town of Wildpoldsried - usually my after-work bike ride.

Maybe we'll meet for a swim, a hike or a bike ride.

Yours Gisela Stephan
Order Processing & Export

A u g s b u r g - History lovers are in the right place.

Florian Filser proudly presents


A popular destination in Augsburg's city centre is the axis between St. Ulrich's Church via Maximiliansstraße, one of the most art-historically significant streets in southern Germany, to Rathausplatz. Along this road are the three magnificent fountains Hercules Fountain, Mercury Fountain and Augustus Fountain as well as the Schaezler Palace and the Town Hall, which is considered the most important secular Renaissance building north of the Alps.

The 70-metre-high Perlach Tower was built in the 10th century as a watchtower, and today, in ensemble with the neighbouring Augsburg Town Hall, is a landmark of the old imperial city and serves, among other things, as a lookout tower. Among many other sights worth seeing in Augsburg, such as Augsburg Cathedral, the boat trip in Augsburg's historic Jakobervorstadt district or the Augsburg Puppet Box in the historic Heilig-Geist-Spital in Augsburg's old town, I definitely recommend a visit to the Fuggerei. The Fuggerei in Augsburg is the oldest existing social settlement in the world. The terraced housing estate was founded by Jakob Fugger in 1521 and is still inhabited today. At present, 150 needy Catholic citizens of Augsburg live in the 140 flats of the 67 houses for an annual (cold) rent of no less than 0.88 euros.

Augsburg's old town also has something to offer for every culinary taste.
My personal tips:

  • Bodega é Tapas Bar La Bomba" offers excellent Spanish tapas.
  • If you prefer Hellenic food, you should visit Nikos Tavernaki (Attention: Be sure to make a reservation!). Nikos Tavernaki is a beautiful little tavern where you can feel like you're on holiday in Greece... There is no menu, Nikos personally tells the guests what the three changing main courses are and about a dozen small starters (mezé bowls) can be combined as desired.

Yours Florian Filser
Area Sales Manager Bavaria East

Oy-Mittelberg – where the sun shines longer.

Bianca Steiner proudly presents


The Allgäu metropolis of Oy-Mittelberg is situated at the former end of the A7 motorway. Our community has almost 5,000 inhabitants and 44 community parts. As one of the 200 inhabitants of the beautiful village of Haslach am Grüntensee, I consider myself very lucky.

Where can you live more beautifully than in the midst of meadows, mountains, forests and the beautiful Grüntensee? Whether after a hard day's work or at the weekend, the local recreation area for sports, relaxation and recharging your batteries is always right on your doorstep. Together with my husband, I enjoy nature regularly and to the full. Whether on a bicycle during a hike or during a leisurely evening stroll, our community has a lot to offer.

If you happen to be in the area, be sure to plan a hike or bike ride to Germany's largest hiking bench. The village of Mittelberg, one of the highest in Germany at 1035 metres above sea level, invites you to explore the panorama trail - and enjoy an amazing view of the Ostallgäu mountains. Best of all - the trail is also great for children, as there are lots of opportunities to play.

Yours Bianca Steiner - currently on parental leave

G o s l a r - The beautiful imperial city on the Harz Mountains

Jörg Schenk proudly presents


More than 1,500 half-timbered houses in the old town and the Rammelsberg mine are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and offer every visitor eventful moments. I love being in my town and would like to invite you to visit the Harz Mountains and of course my Goslar. Take a look at the beautiful market square in the old town, the Imperial Palace and the Rammelsberg. The carillon on the market square daily at 09.00, 12.00, 15.00 and 18.00 is an experience for every visitor.

And finally, I would like to invite you to the Christmas market in the Tannenwäldchen for a delicious mulled wine. Let's work together to overcome this crisis so that we can enjoy a mulled wine together in December.

Let me know if you are in the neighbourhood.

Yours Jörg Schenk
Head of Sales Germany

A trip to the Ö s c h l e s e in Sulzberg (Allgäu) is always worthwhile.

Petra Barensteiner proudly presents


I regularly enjoy the peace and quiet that this body of water radiates. Whether on foot, by bike or on a leisurely ride with my horse. To take a deep breath in winter or to swim in summer - Lake Öschlesee has its charm in every season. You have a wonderful view of our "guardian of the Allgäu", which you can see in the background. The Grünten is a popular destination for locals and tourists. The sometimes strenuous climb is rewarded by a fantastic view. You can enjoy it twice as much with a cool bike beer on the summit.

If you find yourself in the Allgäu, be sure to plan a mountain tour to the Grünten or a few hours at Lake Öschlesee to relax. To recharge your batteries and experience nature after Corona, the Allgäu is the perfect destination.

Yours Petra Barensteiner
Sales Managerin

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