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Solving demanding tasks systematically

At PFENNIG we don't just make products. Based on decades of experience, we develop and manufacture well thought-out cleaning systems from the user's perspective. From practical tools such as the cleanroom sword to fully equipped cleaning trolleys made of recycled material, the PFENNIG modular system offers the right solution for every task.

PFENNIG Cleaning Systems

We combine system components to create highly efficient solutions.

Uncompromising quality and maximum functionality in cleanrooms, healthcare and buildings.

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Quality and durability
High-quality materials give our products enormous robustness, stability and above-average durability. As a result, every product from PFENNIG Reinigungstechnik meets the highest possible quality standards.

Holistic cleaning systems
We do not think in terms of individual products, but consider the cleaning process as a whole. That is why we develop and manufacture holistic cleaning systems, which convince as a modular system with enormous functionality. Our cleaning systems consist of perfectly coordinated system components: Cleaning trolleys, textiles and all necessary accessories.

From practice for practice
Since we know the requirements of manual cleaning in the cleanroom, healthcare and building sectors inside out, we offer the optimum solution for every area of use and application. Our specially developed cleaning systems are designed from the user's perspective and put through their paces.

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