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For over 30 years, our Clino® cleaning trolleys have proven themselves in all types of building cleaning.
Every requirement in commercial cleaning needs its own solution in order to achieve the most efficient cleaning result with maximum economic efficiency. That is why our products are modular in design and are characterised by a high degree of customisation. Our cleaning trolleys are divided into working, supply and disposal areas. You decide which areas you need on your trolley and how you want to equip them.

The PFENNIG modular construction system offers you the necessary scope to react flexibly to new requirements and to adapt your existing cleaning system. Whether school, office complex, large industrial area or small shop: We know the challenges in maintenance cleaning very well and know how to solve them systematically.

Systematic know-how for optimum results – our cleaning trolleys in contract cleaning

Extensive range
with different trolley sizes and cleaning methods for all building types and sizes

High flexibility
thanks to our modular construction system, so that the cleaning trolleys can be adapted to changing requirements in no time at all

Efficient cleaning processes
thanks to optimised, time-saving cleaning methods and workflows

Sustainable cleaning systems
to save valuable ecological and economic resources

Ergonomic operating concepts
for healthy and motivating work

Discover our cleaning trolleys for commercial cleaning.

Pre-preparation method EasyMop

EasyMop® pre-preparation method

With the EasyMop® pre-preparation method, up to twelve mop covers are simultaneously and evenly saturated with cleaning solution. Due to the user-independent moistening of the mops, the system ensures valid wetting of the surfaces for effective cleaning or disinfection. The EasyMop® system box, which is available in six colours, makes it possible to reliably distinguish between different room groups or areas with and without disinfection. A colour-coded zone concept can be optimally implemented.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Easy-to-use, self-explanatory system
  • Ready-to-use pre-prepared wipe covers due to uniform, user-independent impregnation
  • Safe, closed liquid storage on the cleaning trolley
  • Resource-saving thanks to complete liquid consumption
  • Touch-free working thanks to integrated MopJump
  • Hygienic safety thanks to colour system and no reuse of used mop covers

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Flachpresse Ringo

Flat Press Ringo®

The classic among PFENNIG cleaning methods: the two-bucket system with the flat press Ringo®. Especially in maintenance cleaning, efficiency, ergonomics and quality are paramount. The flat press Ringo® reduces unproductive times to a minimum as the mop always remains on the mop holder. Pressing out the mop at an ergonomic height also makes the work process easier for users. At the same time, the system offers a high degree of flexibility in dosing the degree of moisture - for optimal cleaning depending on the type of floor and degree of soiling.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Increased efficiency compared to the vertical press, as the mop remains on the mop holder – time saving.
  • Hygienic safety - no hand contact with the mop in use
  • High flexibility due to easy change between single-stage and two-stage process
  • Ergonomically optimised, effort-saving correct operation – no bending, lower weight and higher reach per mop

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Vertical press chrome

Vertical press

Traditional cleaning made easy: The use of a vertical press is one of the classics in building cleaning. The well-known method is often still used in smaller properties, as it offers a space-saving solution especially on compact cleaning trolleys such as the double trolley. The vertical press is suitable for mop covers with a length of 40 cm and 50 cm. However, compared to the Ringo® method, the workload with the vertical press is higher and the efficiency in the cleaning process is lower.

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Two series – one claim

Efficient and ergonomic cleaning

clino stec30

Clino® STE/C-R cleaning trolley series

Design, ergonomics and durability combine to create a resource-saving masterpiece: the basic module of the cleaning trolleys from the Clino® STE/C-R series is made of high-quality stainless steel, 80 percent of which is recycled raw material. The plastic components of the trolleys are made of up to 99 percent recycled granulate. All components are recyclable after use.

Thanks to the Clino® modular construction system, trolley components can be exchanged very easily and without tools. Only harmless materials of the highest quality and durability are used in the recycling and manufacturing process. Thus, all components of the Clino® STE/C-R series have the usual high functionality, quality and durability. Production rejects and scraps are recycled and fed back into the manufacturing cycle.

The advantages at a glance:  

  • Sustainable system trolleys made from up to 99 percent recycled material
  • Spare parts availability of ten years and all-round renewal programme for stainless steel system trolleys up to 20 years old
  • High flexibility thanks to different sizes and colours
  • Can be customised thanks to modular construction system and special features such as ClinoBar bottle holder or height-adjustable ErgoGrip
  • Large storage space thanks to pull-out multi-boxes and trays
  • Versatile disposal options for different requirements
  • Hygienic safety thanks to easy-to-clean design
  • Double ball-bearing 125 mm swivel castors
  • Quick, tool-free change of cleaning method

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caro xtc9

Caro XT-R cleaning trolley series

Attractive price-performance ratio meets outstanding design: the Caro XT-R series of cleaning trolleys made of recycled material impresses with its high functionality and attractive appearance. The plastic modular construction system made of up to 99 percent recycled raw material enables maximum flexibility thanks to the many configuration options as well as special equipment and practical tools. With or without storage space, from small to large, open or closed - the Caro XT-R series offers trolley models for a wide range of applications and requirements.

The advantages at a glance:  

  • Attractively priced plastic/aluminium combination made from up to 99 percent recycled material
  • Impressively large selection of trolleys and accessories
  • Intelligent combination with all common cleaning methods thanks to modular construction system
  • Enormous variety with different sizes as well as open or closed and lockable systems
  • Maximum storage space thanks to pull-out trays
  • Double ball-bearing 125 mm swivel castors
  • Soft-close system for quiet lid closing
  • Quick change of cleaning method without tools

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Clino® STEC8-R

Compact, classic all-rounder

From robust and durable to light and comfortable - the right holder and handle for every mop.

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Cleanliness is in the detail

Our classic for professional cleaning: the Clino® STEC8-R system trolley is a multifunctional space-saver. It offers maximum storage space in the supply area and at the same time impresses with its two-part, fold-down disposal unit. This means that this all-rounder can be stored in a space-saving manner - ideal for small and medium-sized objects. In combination with the Ringo® flat press, Clino® STEC8-R is a must-have for maximum efficiency and ergonomics in the entire cleaning process. The advantages at a glance:

  • Maximum storage space in the supply area
  • Two-part disposal unit can be folded down for space-saving storage
  • With Ringo® flat press for maximum efficiency and ergonomics in the cleaning process

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