Mop Holder & Handles

Ergonomic efficiency in the twinkling of an eye

More comfort. Less effort.

We simplify cleaning work with systems that are ergonomically designed down to the last detail: Our extensive range of mop holders and handles offers the right solution for every area of use and every object-specific requirement.

Mop holders & handles

Ergonomic work processes made easy

Our comprehensive, versatile range of mop holders and handles offers the right solution for every area of use and every object-specific requirement. Light in weight and robust in use, the symmetrical, technically refined designs lead to absolutely ergonomic handling. No matter whether in the clean room, in the health sector or in building cleaning - our mop holders and handles are developed to fit every PFENNIG mop and thus lead to targeted efficiency and optimum work results.

From robust and durable to light and comfortable - the right holder and handle for every mop.

Find the right mop holder and handle now!

The right tool for every application –
with robust mop holders and ergonomic handles.

Mop holders and handles for cleanrooms

Mop holder and handles for clean rooms

Process-safe, hygienic, autoclavable.

From the extra-light and height-adjustable aluminium telescopic handle to the modern Clino® Synchro mop holder and classic mop holders made of stainless steel: Our versatile products, specially developed for cleanrooms, impress with their high level of safety, autoclavability, maximum functionality and ergonomics.

Mop holders and handles for healthcare and buildings

Mop holder and handles for health and building

Functional, versatile, ergonomic.

Whether aluminium, stainless steel or plastic, for touch-free operation or classic with hand or foot, extra light or particularly robust: technically functional down to the smallest detail, our versatile mop holders and handles in the healthcare and building sector ensure ergonomic, hygienically safe and efficient cleaning with our mop covers.

The advantages of our mop holders and handles at a glance

Hygienic design
for easy cleaning and long use.

Ergonomic handling
thanks to telescopic handles for every body size.

Innovative design
for 100 percent contact area of the textile on the surface.

Touch-free working
thanks to clever opening mechanisms and symmetrical opening for easier mop pick-up.

Low weight
for effortless and ergonomic working.

Contemporary design
with simple, elegant design and modern colour scheme.

Excellent mop holder for clean room

What distinguishes our mop holders and handles for cleanroom cleaning

  • Lightweight, height-adjustable handle with Clino® Connect Lock for simplified ceiling and wall cleaning
  • Hygienic design specially developed for cleaning in cleanrooms
  • Highest material quality and autoclavability
  • Touch-free ejection mechanism
  • Telescopic handles with lengths from 0.5 metres to 4 metres
Excellent mop holder for health and building

What distinguishes our mop holders and handles for cleaning in healthcare and buildings

  • Versatile range from extra light to extra robust for a wide variety of requirements
  • Handles for all sizes and applications
  • State of the art mop holders with symmetrical opening for easy mop pick up and cleaning
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