Special equipment & tools

Perfected down to the smallest detail

Everything carefully thought out

Our special equipment for cleaning trolleys and practical tools make the PFENNIG system complete, so that we can always offer you the perfect system solution.

Special equipment & tools

Special equipment for cleaning trolleys and practical tools – always a little closer to the perfect system solution.

Whether useful optional extras for your cleaning trolleys such as disposal units, height-adjustable handles, lockable bottle holders or small helpers such as sweeping sets, dust bees or tablet holders: With our extensive tool programme, we have thought of everything to perfect your cleaning system. Thanks to the high customisability of our systems, you can meet all requirements.

The right accessories for every cleanroom –
Special equipment and tools for the highest demands on hygiene and cleanliness.

clean room sword

Tools and little helpers for your cleanroom

With our tools for special applications, you can reach even the most inaccessible places in the cleanroom - for example, with the mini mop system for cleaning insulators or with the cleanroom sword for cleaning extremely narrow gaps.

Based on our many years of practical experience, we solve every challenge in order to really be able to remove contamination and disinfect every spot in the cleanroom.

Special equipment Mopjump for system box easymop

Special equipment for the work and supply area

The cleaning methods are located in the working area of our system trolleys. Depending on the requirements, this area can be individually designed using our modular system.

Whether wipe covers are prepared directly on the cleaning trolley or the pre-preparation method is used, whether a lot or little storage space is required: For this area you will find helpful accessories to achieve effective, reproducible, safe and validatable cleaning results in the cleanroom.

Special equipment Mopdrop

Special equipment for the disposal area

Avoiding cross-contamination plays an important role in cleanroom cleaning. That is why mops and cloths must be disposed of correctly and safely. For this reason, we offer a wide range of solutions for the disposal area - from closed, contact-free disposal systems for mop covers to sterile disposal bags.

Manual cleaning in the health and building sector
Special equipment and tools for efficient, ergonomic and safe work.

dust bee

Tools and little helpers for healthcare and buildings

Efficient, hygienically safe and ergonomic work in the healthcare and building sector requires cleaning methods and solutions that are well thought out down to the last detail. For this purpose, we offer versatile tools that complement the respective cleaning system and optimise the cleaning process. From sweeping sets to dust bees - with our tools you are equipped for all areas of application.

Special display holder Tablet Universal

Special equipment for the working and supply area

In the working and supply area of the PFENNIG cleaning trolleys you will find the tools and the storage space. These areas can be individualised according to the object and application-specific requirements. Whether open or closed storage options, just-in-time impregnation or pre-preparation of the mop covers, whether holders for tablets or for printed work instructions: Our solutions are well thought out down to the smallest detail. With the versatile optional equipment, your cleaning process can be optimised to the maximum.

Fully equipped Ergggrip grip movable

Special equipment for the waste disposal sector

Our range includes numerous disposal variants so that you can design your cleaning system according to the object-specific requirements. In addition to permanently mounted units, we offer fold-down and detachable waste disposal areas that give you maximum flexibility. Our portfolio also includes disposal sacks and drop-off systems for non-contact work. By the way: The disposal area of a cleaning trolley can be ergonomically optimised with our height-adjustable ErgoGrip push handle.

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