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The right textiles for every application

From high-tech mops to high-quality disposable cloths for cleanrooms: benefit from our decades of expertise in the field of cleaning textiles and get to know our mop competence in particular.

High-quality and innovative textiles for cleanrooms, healthcare and buildings.

textiles clean room

Cleaning textiles for clean and sterile rooms

For the highest demands on consumables in cleanroom operations, cleaning textiles with the right material properties are needed. Mops and cloths have to meet all the criteria for cleanroom and sterile compatibility. And to ensure that wiping processes in cleanrooms are reproducible, the textiles used must have uniform wetting behaviour, i.e. constant liquid absorption and release. Specially developed, tested and proven many times over: PFENNIG cleaning textiles for cleanrooms are made for maximum safety in your cleaning processes.

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Textiles health and building

Cleaning textiles for health care and buildings

A cleaning system is only perfect when the right cleaning textiles are used. Depending on the material, processing quality and manufacturing method, mops and cloths are suitable for different areas of application. Our solutions, developed over decades, have proven themselves many times over for every manual cleaning requirement. From high-tech mops with outstanding cleaning performance and a high degree of customisation to standard mops with an attractive price-performance ratio: PFENNIG offers the right cleaning textile for every object-specific requirement.

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Competence in cloths – expertise in mops
What distinguishes PFENNIG cleaning textiles

Extensive textile portfolio
All areas of application and requirements from clean rooms to operating theatres and offices.

Scientifically founded expertise
in the development and production of our textiles based on empiricism, experience, data, facts and expertise.

Decades of experience
in the production of wiping covers for professional commercial cleaning.

Exclusive, tried-and-tested assortment
with textiles that have been extensively tested by us and tried out in practice under real conditions.

High-quality high-tech textiles
from PFENNIG's own development and production in Germany and Europe.

Above-average service life
with correct handling and care.

Proven quality
of PFENNIG textiles, which have been tested and certified by renowned institutions for their performance.

Highest cleaning performance
distinguishes every PFENNIG cleaning textile.

High degree of individualisation
from standard mops to fully customisable mops for cleanrooms, healthcare and buildings.

Sustainable textiles
made of recycled material, particularly resource-saving in use or tested according to the high requirements of the Nordic Ecolabel.

PFENNIG Moppology – an expression of decades of expertise in theory and practice.

As a master cleaner, managing director and owner of PFENNIG Reinigungstechnik GmbH, Dietmar Pfennig has always been concerned with the material properties, functions and cleaning performance of mops. Cleanliness is in the detail - and especially in the right mop technology.

Dietmar Pfennig on the origin and meaning of the term mopology:

Moppology is the science of manual floor cleaning. I came up with the term during a lecture on the production, use and care of mop covers. The audience was amazed at all the things that have to be taken into account and they said it was downright a science.

Dietmar Pfennig, CEO

And what is particularly important in the development of our mops, Mr Pfennig?

When developing mops, it is important to be clear about one thing: this approx. 15 x 40 cm textile structure must dissolve, absorb and remove dirt. It is therefore a key factor in professional cleaning. Here, it is important to achieve maximum success with minimum use of resources. And that is only possible with mopology!

Dietmar Pfennig, CEO

The right cleaning textiles for every area –
with high-tech mops and cloths.

High-tech mop

High-tech mop

Highest performance on the floor

Which mop is suitable for manual cleaning depends on factors such as the area of application, the size of the surface and the type of floor, as well as the cleaning method. With our three mop series - Mop Professional, Mop Universal and Mop Standard – we cover every requirement in the cleanroom, healthcare and building sectors in the best possible way.

Cleaning cloths

cleaning wipes

Clean results on surfaces

Cleaning surfaces as streak-free as possible with minimal use of cleaning chemicals places the highest demands on microfibre cloths. For a long life and perfect cleaning results we only use high quality raw materials and pay attention to a stable edge stitching. The extensive PFENNIG cloth portfolio offers numerous solutions for surface cleaning in cleanrooms, healthcare and buildings. Our Clino® microfibre cloths, for example, can be reused frequently in building cleaning and are ideal for pre-preparation in the healthcare sector.

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