Cleanroom textiles

Textile high-performers for cleaning and disinfection of sterile and clean rooms

Developed for absolute hygiene safety

Cleanroom competence at the highest level: Our textiles for cleaning and disinfection of cleanrooms and sterile areas convince with excellent material properties and certified quality. They thus ensure absolutely hygienically safe cleaning results to meet the strictest criteria and requirements.

Mops for cleanroom cleaning
Innovative functional materials for the highest demands

Reusable mop cleanroom

Reusable mop

Our reusable cleanroom mops represent the state of the art in cleanroom cleaning. This is ensured by innovative materials that can withstand the stress of many washing and sterilisation cycles and at the same time enable validatable cleaning and disinfection results. Made of high-tech materials and tested for cleaning efficiency and particle emission, they are ideally suited for use in cleanrooms and sterile rooms up to cleanroom class ISO 3 and GMP A/B.

Disposable mop clean room

Disposable mop

In small areas where the logistical effort of using reusable textiles would be too high, cleanroom disposable mops are a practical alternative. When cleaning with substances that are hazardous to health, such as cytostatics, they provide extra safety. Our disposable mops are made of special materials suitable for cleanrooms, have a good water storage capacity for high square metre outputs and can be supplied in double sterile packaging on request.

Micro Sicuroplus V

Mop for grey areas

The immediate surroundings of cleanrooms also place high demands on the quality of cleaning: If the grey area is cleaned professionally, the risk of transferring contamination to the controlled production areas is reduced. Our high-performance premium mops are ideally suited for hygienically safe cleaning and disinfection of grey areas.

Disposable? Reusable? Solution path!

Our portfolio of reusable to disposable textiles meets all contamination control requirements. In small or irregularly operated cleanrooms and when handling toxic substances, or if no cleanroom laundry is available, our disposable textiles offer clear advantages. The basis is always a pre-defined disposal concept.

For all other areas of application, the overall consideration of all factors besides the pure costs usually leads to the reusable concept. This unfolds its full functional potential with increasing cleanroom size. In addition, environmentally compatible reusable textiles make a valuable contribution to the targeted conservation of resources.

However, there is no general answer to the question of which textile concept is best suited. Many factors, weighted differently within the company, are involved in the decision. Our recommendation is to find the cheapest and safest solution per square metre of cleaned or disinfected area, taking into account the company and process-specific requirements. The purchase price is certainly only one criterion among many.

Cloths for cleanroom cleaning -
with high-performance materials to top performance.

Clino glass cloth

Reusable wipes

While double-wrapped disposable wipes ensure maximum safety in sterile areas, the use of reusable microfibre wipes is much more economical in areas where sterility is not required. The PFENNIG reusable wipes programme for cleanroom cleaning exclusively contains wipes that withstand the high demands of cleanrooms and achieve safe cleaning results. Our reusable cloths are optimally suited for use in non-sterile production areas and can be autoclaved up to 50 times.

Disposable wipe clean room

Disposable wipes

Our disposable wipes for cleanrooms are particularly convincing when sterile areas and areas for processing toxic substances are cleaned. Thanks to their strong cleaning performance they offer a sensible alternative to reusable wipes even in small cleanrooms. All PFENNIG disposable wipes have one thing in common: excellent material quality and professional edge processing. They also score points for easy removal from the packaging.

Clino carbon

Wipes for the grey area

If the surfaces in grey areas are cleaned hygienically and safely, the risk of contamination spreading into the cleanroom areas is reduced. High-quality microfibre cloths are particularly suitable for this purpose, as they not only ensure visually streak-free results, but also successfully remove contamination. To ensure the longest possible working life, we only use high-end materials for our cloths. Our high-performance premium cloths are made for the safe cleaning and disinfection of grey areas.

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