Textiles for healthcare & buildings

From mop to cloth outstanding quality for unique results

High quality. Powerful. Efficient.

Our textiles for cleaning in the healthcare sector and buildings are unique compared to the competition. High-quality materials ensure powerful, efficient performance and a brilliant quality of results, even in continuous use.

Mop for healthcare and buildings
Highly functional and highly efficient for top hygienic performance

Premium mop micro tec


The reference class in textile quality: For our premium mop series, we use only highly functional materials and the most modern fibre blends. As a result, the mops achieve the highest surface performance, convince with maximum durability and impress with the best processing properties. Our premium mops guarantee unique results in competition with the highest durability.

Universal Mopp eco tec

Universal mop

First-class raw materials from German production and a high degree of customisation allow perfect adaptation to all specific requirements. Our universal mops shine with excellent surface performance, while being suitable for almost all areas of application and convincing with a very good price-performance ratio.

Standard mop eco tec

Standard mop

Based on decades of experience in cleaning practice, our standard solutions are made for daily use in professional cleaning. Due to the standardised production in high quantities, we can guarantee fair prices with excellent quality. With our standard mops, you can also benefit from PFENNIG's fast service as well as technical application advice tailored to your requirements.

Wipes for healthcare and buildings
Versatile, efficient and resource-saving.

Premium towel clino micro ultra

Premium cloths

Cleaning surfaces as streak-free as possible with minimal use of chemicals places the highest demands on microfibre cloths. Cleaning cloths should last a long time and always achieve a perfect result. That's why we only use high-quality raw materials and make sure that the edges are stitched sturdily. In the absolute high-class range, the Clino® MicroUltra cloth demonstrates its outstanding ecological and application aspects by being certified with the Nordic Ecolabel.

Standard Tücher clino micro eco

Standard cloths

Strong all-rounders for a wide variety of surface types with an attractive price-performance ratio: our standard wipes in impeccable quality and with a stable edge stitching that makes each wipe durable and robust.Both for frequent reuse in industrial maintenance cleaning and when used with the pre-preparation process in healthcare, our standard wipes are ideally suited.

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