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Cleanroom – we call it our supreme discipline

Expertise meets excellence

With our excellent system solutions, we set standards for maximum hygienic safety in the cleaning and disinfection of sterile and clean rooms.

Our supreme discipline

We have been developing solutions for cleanroom cleaning for over 20 years.

Whether in the pharmaceutical industry, in laboratories or in semiconductor and medical technology: users rely on our holistic cleaning systems developed specifically for cleanrooms. For more than 20 years, we have been tackling the top challenge of manual cleaning – the development of solutions for cleanroom cleaning.

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Highest quality cleaning equipment
In no other area are the requirements for manual surface cleaning as varied and strictly regulated as in the cleaning of cleanrooms. Even the smallest impurities impair the processes. That's why the highest quality cleaning equipment and its application are crucial.

Competence in cleaning and disinfection
We know the strict guidelines for equipment in cleanrooms in detail and therefore have a high level of understanding of the requirements for cleaning and disinfection equipment. Benefit from our know-how and the innovative and practice-oriented solutions developed from it for cleaning and disinfection in cleanrooms.

Experience. Know-How. Innovation.
As early as 1999, with our Clino® CR system and the Mopp King GMP, we launched the first cleaning system for cleanrooms certified by the Fraunhofer IPA Institute. Even then, we were able to meet the increased demand for cleaning and disinfection solutions suitable for cleanrooms.

Excellence in the cleanroom

PFENNIG sets standards in the manual cleaning of highly sensitive areas.

With the MopScoop GMP dosing system, we have developed the complete solution for all challenges in the disinfection of cleanrooms in 2019. Users no longer have to worry about issues such as service life, change of active ingredient and safety. With MopScoop, we have eliminated all risk factors and developed a system that largely eliminates operating errors. MopScoop ensures perfect, reproducible results through high-precision impregnation of the mop covers.

We offer a customised system solution for every area of application.

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