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Healthcare – we call it our core competence.

Ergonomic efficiency meets highest hygiene

Cleaning systems from PFENNIG enable ergonomic, efficient work, especially in sensitive areas of the healthcare sector, and ensure safe, hygienically clean results.

Our core competence

Our products have been proving their worth in the healthcare sector every day for over 30 years.

Hygienic cleanliness and efficiently designed cleaning processes: From clinics to small care facilities, our system solutions for manual cleaning in the healthcare sector offer maximum hygiene and safety with maximum flexibility.

Discover suitable system solutions for cleaning in the healthcare sector now!

Ergonomically efficient becomes hygienic and clean
Absolute cleanliness, hygiene and safety are particularly important in hospital cleaning. With our system solutions specially developed for the healthcare sector, we ensure efficient and ergonomically well thought-out cleaning processes. The constantly increasing hygiene requirements for the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces in hospitals and especially their operating theatres require more and more reproducible, safe processes. That is why you are on the safe side with PFENNIG cleaning technology.

Maximum flexibility with highest safety
From large clinics to small care facilities, our EasyMop® box system with pre-prepared mop covers, for example, offers you maximum hygienic safety with maximum flexibility. Individual areas or hygiene zones can be colour-coded. Our cleaning systems thus contribute to the practice-oriented and safe implementation of effective hygiene management in hospitals.

Contact-free to the target
Two main sources of cross-contamination are transmission by human hand and the incorrect use of cleaning and disinfection equipment. For this reason, we have developed the self-explanatory MopSafe system: Easy to use, it largely excludes touching critical components such as mop holders and mops with the hands.

Benefit from decades of experience and know-how in the development of manual cleaning systems for the healthcare sector.

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Our products, which are technically well thought-out down to the smallest detail and hygienically designed, ensure absolutely safe cleaning processes. High-quality textiles contribute to the outstanding cleaning results, which are proven by independent studies in practice. Our systems for hospital cleaning are the result of many years of experience, practical knowledge and intensive research and development.

The latest of the latest. Innovative cleaning systems for standard-compliant processes.

The safest way to clean floors? MopScoop². Well thought out down to the smallest detail and developed with the user in mind, the new dosing and soaking system inspires with a self-explanatory workflow with a 0 percent error rate. This way, you not only clean hygienically safe, but also in compliance with standards. The new dosing system enables operator-independent cleaning and disinfection results with a maximum of flexibility and safety for all areas of application and requirements.

The new cleaning method convinces with user-friendliness and health protection: no bending, no lifting, no effort - simplicity that motivates. Developed according to Hygienic Design, the system can be dismantled without tools, easily cleaned and stored dry. Storing your equipment has never been more hygienically safe.

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