Our sustainability concept

Systematic and
consistent: PFENNIG
optimises processes and
reduces resources

Sustainable solutions as a responsibility

Whether existing systems or new developments, we pay specific attention to the responsible use of all economic, ecological and social resources. In this way, we actively contribute to shaping a sustainable, climate-friendly and fair society of tomorrow.

At PFENNIG, we see sustainability as a mission that we fulfil anew every day through our systems approach. And not just since yesterday, but since 2011 - with environmentally friendly products and resource-saving processes.

The PFENNIG Mission

sustainability mission

Our understanding of sustainability

Sustainability is not only part of our DNA, it is firmly anchored in our thinking and daily actions. Our focus: an environmentally friendly, resource-saving production of PFENNIG products and materials. Sustainability is a holistic concept for us. We pay attention to a healthy balance of ecological, economic and social factors. Our customers in particular benefit from this. Because due to the extremely long service life of our cleaning systems, there is no need for cost-intensive and resource-intensive new purchases.

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The PFENNIG Practice

sustainability practice

Our environmentally friendly products

R for Recycling - the new standard at PFENNIG: For our Clino® R-Series and Caro XT-R Series cleaning trolleys we have replaced normal plastic with recycled material. The above-average service life also saves valuable resources - just like our cleaning methods and textiles. Combined with a cleaning trolley production based in Germany and Europe, we thus reduce the CO2 footprint many times over. Our resource-efficient textiles also contribute to this. Our PPSC Micro TEC and Clino Micro Ultra textiles are Nordic Swan certified. Every new development we make incorporates environmentally compatible manufacturing processes as well as increasingly recycled materials and offers resource-saving, daily use - with consistently high cleaning performance. Our newcomer, the Eco TEC mop, for example, saves 50 percent resources in the entire reprocessing process. We also produce most of our mop covers in Germany.

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The PFENNIG Process

sustainability process

Applied resource conservation

We optimise the cleaning process - always with the aim of saving valuable resources. And not just since today, but since 2011. We always develop our system solutions with the economic, ecological and social aspects of sustainability in mind, thus achieving the best possible cleaning result at the same time. Each of our modularly coordinated cleaning systems enables the user to use and consume as few resources as possible in the daily work process. In this way, our customers save water, energy, chemicals, time and also costs.

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Customer service

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