Resource-saving cleaning processes

The way of PFENNIG:
Maximum hygiene, minimum consumption of resources

Trimming cleaning processes for sustainability

PFENNIG has been increasingly developing new process-optimising system solutions since 2011 in order to reduce the consumption of resources in the cleaning process as much as possible. Our sustainable solutions range from the particularly economical EasyMop pre-preparation method to our latest development, MopScoop². This innovation highlight skilfully combines resource conservation with hygienic safety while meeting the high requirements for maximum hygiene and minimum CO2 consumption.

It all depends on the right interaction!
How to optimise your cleaning processes to the maximum with the PFENNIG system and minimise your consumption of resources in a targeted manner.

It all depends on using the right textiles!
How you can efficiently save water, energy, chemicals and time with the PFENNIG resource hero mop Eco Tec.

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